Providing Essential Services and Amenities

1. Smart Classrooms

Smart classrooms allow teachers to change and adapt their teaching styles to help meet the needs of the students sitting in their classrooms. Technology can help students with a variety of learning needs and is important for helping kids with learning challenges. It is fully equipped with Interactive Whiteboard, laptops, Charging carts/cabinets, Smart TV etc…

2. Instrumentation Lab

Instrumentation lab consist of different types of Process instruments. Students will be able to perform Configuration, calibration, loop checking of smart Transmitters (ROSEMOUNT & YOKOGAWA). Students can get the thorough basics with hands on experience on Smart pressure Transmitters which includes DP type Transmitters and Diaphragm sealed capillary type Transmitters, Pressure Switch – piston type – bellows type, Pressure Gauges(c-type, helical & spiral) ,Smart Temperature Transmitters, Temperature gauges – bi metallic type-filled system type, Thermo wells ,Temperature elements – RTD(pt100)-Thermocouple, Smart Level Transmitters – DP type -Diaphragm sealed, Level Switch, Smart Flow Transmitters-Dp type with orifice Flow element, Vortex Flow transmitter. Students will be trained to Overhaul the Control valve (Diaphragm control valves), Calibration of control valve. The lab has the Highly Accurate and precise Master Instruments Such as Dead Weight Tester, Comparator, Digital Pressure Calibrator, Analog Pressure Calibrator, Multi-function process calibrator, Decade box, Temperature Bath, Smart Hand held communicator (HART 475,375). Students can perform Insulation testing using Cable Insulation Resistance Tester (MEGGER).

3. Instrument Workshop

Instrument workshop has the facilities for mounting and installation of Instruments in stanction, Fixing canopy for instruments, Cable laying and dressing practice, Cable tray work, Cable tray support fabrication, Cable glanding (single compression, double compression & stuffing gland), Cable termination in Junction box, Instrument tubing.

4.Welding Workshop

The welding workshop comprises of ARC, TIG & MIG welding machines. The workshop is also equipped with cutting and grinding machines. 14 booths are set up for the practice sessions.

5.Venue for Client Interviews

Unigrant College is at the heart of the city which makes easy access to conduct interviews from various industries. Both GCC and Native industries are active in job drives at our venue. The highlights of our space are

  • 3 AC cabins and 2 non AC cabins for Clients
  • 3 Waiting halls
  • Electrical & Instrumentation equipment
  • Welding areas for testing
  • 14 well equipped booths for welding
  • ARC, TIG & MIG machines
  • Cutting & Grinding machines
  • Safety accessories
  • Safety measures also implemented.