Founding Vision

Transforming Certificates into Employability

Unigrant owes its roots to , what was considered at the time, a rather ambitious dream. Even as technical education exploded around a decade ago, there still existed an immense void in practical, hands on training in many disciplines. In an Indian scenario especially, hands-on training was the need of the hour for developing a generation of highly skilled workforce. It was this realization that drove our founder Late Sri P.Raju, an instrumentation professional himself, for over 30 years, to institute Unigrant. He considered it an effort to bridge the gap in skill between the certificate bearing fresher and a seasoned hand. An effort to make the unemployable, employable. A dream to push India, the land of engineers, towards better employability . We, at Unigrant are constantly striving to take that great vision forward, realizing that quality practical education is the best opportunity one has to achieve a successful career in core engineering disciplines. Individuals are groomed to achieve the level of competence and confidence comparable to that of a seasoned professional.